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thanks :D and it's not a problem that you don't update very much,it's already good (how can't it be with his face everywhere :3 )

IKR? He is amazing~

I will be back some time but still don’t know when! Hope you still like him till then! :3

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you're the only tumblr i found totally dedicated to Park yoohwan, do you know any others? (and thank you for ,taking care of this tumblr ^^)

Oh hi! Yes there is another one! (x) A friend created it and it’s more well informed than this one! 

I have no time to update lately! But thank you!~^^


Twitter conversation between Yoohwan and his friend

Rypaffo: Nothing lasts forever. You only live once.

Chung_j: @rypaffo YOLO??!!!

Rypaffo: @chung_j the fuck is yolo LOL

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